Under Fire From All Sides

4K Video
TRT: 15:00
Stero Sound
Under Fire From All Sides (2019) is an installation comprising a filmed re-enactment of the transcript of a discussion on the making of the American film Under Fire (1983), starring Nick Nolte and Gene Hackman as fictionalized journalists covering the Nicaraguan Revolution. The unnaturally ordered dialogue removes it from the context of the film and it turns it into a discussion on the ethics of staging and reenacting for the camera and what is truth and what is a lie in photography. As the discussion unravels so does the production of the recording itself with actors repeating lines, and glimpses of the set and crew. This divorces the viewer from any empathetic relationship to the video, rendering it impossible to read it for truth claims and instead demand viewers question their relationship to the video and its referent film, the historical accounts they both contain and the techniques by which they are made available for consumption.

Actors: Jesse Malmed, Jesse Meredith, Neal Vandenbergh, Jacobo Zambrano Rangel
Assistant Director: Caitlin Ryan
Editing & Post Production: Danny Caroll
Sound: Julian Flavin
Production Assistant: Leo Smith & Angela Christodoulou