New Photographs (Technoir Archive)

"[The] images left behind by Felix Gonzales Torres – one a snapshot encountered in someone’s living room, the other a billboard on a city street – give me an opportunity to occupy [them], to become their protagonist. The images beckon me to do this in their very ordinariness, to project myself into the scenes that they picture and the social and discursive exchanges that they mobilize, as if they are, or could be, pictures of love and loss from my own life. Yet FGT’s images also resist such projections, too, not allowing me to imagine away my position of alterity to the specific intimacies that they relay. No matter how familiar or intense the quality of feelings the images evoke – of solitude, of tenderness, of longing and loss – they somehow do not belong to me in any secure way in the end. These are not scenes from my life after all."

Miwon Kwon (2006), 'The Becoming of a Work of Art: FGT  and a Possibility of Renewal, a Chance to Share, a Fragile Truce.'

'New Photographs' uses textual and visual invention to critically examine a set of found snapshots discovered in a used book store in Mexico City dated between 1987-1993. This set of photographs becomes a point of speculation, analysis, and projection. The works investigate the particularities and intimacies of the subject depicted which over a long period of ruminating, researching, become fluid, their meaning in a constant state of renewal. The collection of photographs grows even more complicated as collaborators (investigative journalist Adriana Gallardo and art organizer/writer Diego del Valle Rios)  provide their varying insights in Portrait: Technoir. The work invites viewers to ask, how much we can really know, with certainty, about someone’s life through photographs?  Can we trust what we piece together? How much of this “knowledge” is merely a projection of our own proclivities?  The exhibition consists of a series of collaged images, fragments of the found photos in the artist’s studio space, and a video diptych of colleagues trying to provide their professional takes of the photographs in question.

Installation: Reciprocity, Marinaro, NYC, 2022

Installation: Blinkers, Winnipeg, 2021

Technoir II, 2021 Color Photograph 30 x 20 inches

Technoir I, 2021 Color Photograph 30 x 20 inches

Untitled (Dying Slave, Michelangelo, 1513), 2021 Color Photographs 11 x 14 inches

Untitled (Piso de Isaac), 2021 Color Photographs 11 x 14 inches

Untitled (Madonna), 2021 Color Photographs 11 x 14 inches

Untitled (Bottles) II, 2007 - 2021 Color Photograph 9 x 12 inches

Untitled (Bottles) I, 2007 - 2021 Color Photograph 9 x 12 inches

Portrait: Technoir, 2021 4K Video TRT: 12:00